AEW Accused of Copying Sabu’s ECW Theme Song

Former ECW World Champion Sabu recently made a surprising debut in AEW, accompanied by his iconic ‘Return To The Huka’ theme song. However, this has sparked controversy as Harry Slash, the original composer of Sabu’s ECW theme, accused AEW of copying his work.

In a recent tweet, Slash pointed out the similarities between his composition, ‘Huka Blues’, and the theme used for Sabu’s AEW debut. He also took a jab at AEW’s Tony Khan, suggesting that the company is merely a t-shirt business. He tweeted, “So, my #ECW theme for Sabu, Huka Blues, has now been cloned by two different companies, TNA and@AEW. Maybe @TonyKhanwill send me a t-shirt?” (Harry Slash, Twitter).

In the wake of Sabu’s AEW debut, some of his past controversial posts have also resurfaced, leading fans to question AEW’s decision to feature him. Despite the controversy, it remains to be seen how AEW and Tony Khan will respond to these allegations.

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