AEW Star Slams Brock Lesnar After Backstage Attack on Cody Rhodes

In the aftermath of the recent WWE RAW episode, AEW’s Dustin Rhodes didn’t mince words about Brock Lesnar’s backstage attack on his brother, Cody Rhodes. The incident occurred ahead of the scheduled face-off between Cody and Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions.

Lesnar, known for his brutal in-ring tactics, ambushed Cody backstage, leading to a heated confrontation later in the ring. Despite nursing an injured arm, Cody answered Lesnar’s open challenge, only to be caught in Lesnar’s notorious Kimura lock.

Dustin Rhodes took to social media to express his disdain for Lesnar’s actions, bluntly calling him a “piece of s**t”. Cody’s wife, Brandi Rhodes, also reacted on Twitter with a broken heart emoji, indicating her distress over the incident.

Meanwhile, Triple H was seen offering advice to Cody in the locker room, a moment captured on camera and shared with WWE fans. As the wrestling world awaits WWE Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia, it remains to be seen how this backstage drama will impact the upcoming event.

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