AJ Styles Open to His Children Pursuing Pro Wrestling Careers

AJ Styles, a revered figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently shared his thoughts on his children potentially following in his footsteps. Styles, who has had a distinguished 25-year career across WCW, TNA, NJPW, and WWE, was asked during an interview with Inside the Ropes about his children’s potential interest in wrestling.

Styles stated that he would be open to the idea, a shift from his stance 15 years ago. “If my kids want to do it… now, it’s different, I don’t mind it so much,” Styles said.

This comes as Styles prepares to face Seth Rollins in the finals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament at Night Of Champions on May 27th. The wrestling world, rich with second-generation talents like Cody Rhodes and Charlotte Flair, may yet see the Styles legacy continue.

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