Austin Theory has been warned about John Cena’s scathing promos

Austin Theory recently shared on the Out of Character podcast that he received warnings from The Miz and Baron Corbin about John Cena’s promos before their WrestleMania match. The two wrestlers advised Theory to be prepared for Cena’s sharp words in the ring.

Cena, known for his exceptional microphone skills, delivered a scathing promo against Theory on RAW, turning down his WrestleMania challenge and questioning his abilities.

“Yeah, you know, Miz, Baron Corbin, sounds like all the bad guys (are who told me to be ready for my in-ring segment with John Cena). They’re just like, ‘Man, just be ready. You’re gonna get thrown out there in some deep water. Just be prepared’ but, you know, I had my cool sneakers on and my shades that he talked trash about and I was feeling good. I was like, I came out here with one thing in mind and I got it. So, you know, telling me people don’t believe in me, alright John. I’m gonna make you believe. I’m gonna make them all stop believing in you,” said Theory.

Despite the verbal onslaught, Theory ultimately secured a victory over Cena at WrestleMania, proving himself and adding a significant accomplishment to his career

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