Baron Corbin Open to Returning to Lone Wolf Gimmick

Baron Corbin has expressed interest in revisiting his Lone Wolf gimmick during a recent interview with Catch Club.

Corbin has undergone several repackages since his WWE main roster debut, but none have resonated with fans as he had hoped. Discussing his various gimmicks, Corbin highlighted the benefits of each, including the Constable role and King Corbin gimmick.

“I would love to get back to that grittiness of ‘The Lone Wolf,’ but makes a little bit of everything in it. ‘The Lone Wolf was a little one-dimensional. It didn’t have all that mentions that I think you need to be a John Cena or a Roman Reigns,” said Corbin. “Roman Reigns can take you from him being just a big bully to you can see the frustration or the sadness or when he feels like the table is crumbling. He can take you through all those emotions; I think that’s what you need to have a successful character. So when I’ve gotten these different characters through the time, they’ve all been very different. It’s been the tough guy badass if you will, then it was the ‘rule-follower.’ Nose up, ‘I’m better than everybody’ with Constable. Then ‘The King,’ it was the power. It was the grace. It was all things. Then sad Corbin was full of different emotions that people got to experience, and then into Happy Corbin. So like, I’ve given everybody every emotion now. Let’s combine them all, put them into one thing, and make some magic.”

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