Bobby Fish Happy to See Roderick Strong in AEW

Former AEW and WWE star Bobby Fish spoke to Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes about his thoughts on Roderick Strong’s arrival in AEW. Fish, Strong, Adam Cole, and Kyle O’Reilly previously had a run as the Undisputed Era in WWE NXT where they had a lot of success.

“I will just say this, I’m just happy to see my boys at work. These are and have always been legitimate, close friends of mine. I think that’s why the Undisputed Era worked the way that it did in NXT because there was no fabrication to it. We were four guys who, you know, were tight. What you saw play out on screen was four dudes who had each other’s back and that was marketable. It was real. I’m just happy to see two of my best friends back at work with jobs and able to support their families. This is real-life stuff. We do it in this fictional world of pro wrestling, but there’s real people here with real lives, real kids, real homes, real dogs, real bills,” Fish said.

Strong recently signed with AEW, while Fish is currently working on the independent scene.

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