Bray Wyatt: “I pride myself on doing things no one else has ever done”

Bray Wyatt officially returned to the ring at WWE Royal Rumble 2023, competing in his first match since WrestleMania 37.

Wyatt faced LA Knight in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match, which was a neon-lit Street Fight. Wyatt was victorious, and Uncle Howdy jumped off a platform and landed on Knight, causing an explosion.

Speaking at the post-WWE Royal Rumble press conference, Wyatt spoke about the general creativity in wrestling happening during the current era.

“There are people who like new concepts and people who take risks and things like that, and there are people who don’t like it just because they don’t like it. It’s a sport for some, it’s a show for others. The beauty of wrestling is that in this industry there is something for everyone. I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’m willing to take risks and do things that nobody else has ever done. In my opinion if your not willing to do then what are you doing here? It’s about leaving a legacy, for me, and I would do pretty much anything, especially if nobody’s ever done it before because I know people will notice, and it’s fun for me.”

Wyatt often introduced otherworldly elements into his characters and stories, acting in cinematic circumstances and with various alter egos.

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