CM Punk Confirmed for AEW Collision

CM Punk is confirmed to be part of AEW’s upcoming show, Collision. Ryan Frederick from F4WOnline reported that Punk and AEW have resolved their issues, paving the way for his participation. Punk’s involvement in Collision was uncertain due to rumors of discord between him and AEW. However, it appears that the issues have been settled, and Punk has signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding Brawl Out, a necessary step for his return.

“I can’t speak for Bryan because I don’t know what info he’s been given, and there’s definitely been a lot of different info being passed around with this whole thing. I can only say that, based on what I was told at midnight ET, Punk is good to go for Collision, that he signed an NDA pertaining to Brawl Out (which was described as necessary for him to return but also a difficult negotiation, but he knew he had to do it and there’s a lot of people he doesn’t want to let down), and a couple of other legal documents that were also necessary for him to return that protects AEW in case of another bad situation. There’s one thing I’ll keep quiet on because it’s nothing major, but this whole thing is basically now him playing ball because he says he loves AEW and wants to help the company grow and he knows what will happen if there’s another big issue,” said Frederick.

As we previously reported, Samoa Joe has unveiled a video teaser for Collision. You can check it out by clicking here.

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