CM Punk Visits WWE and Impact Wrestling, Seen as Message to Tony Khan

CM Punk’s recent backstage visits to WWE RAW and Impact Wrestling have caught attention.

During his appearance on The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette suggested that Punk’s actions were a way to remind Tony Khan of his influence, as any appearance by Punk generates news.

“He’s basically showing Tony, ‘you f moron, if I walk out into a goddamn parking lot, it makes news, and who else do you have on your roster that can be said that about? So smarten up, get your head out of your ass and, in the meantime, he’s having fun visiting different places in Chicago.”

Some in WWE believe Punk wanted to return to the company, but it’s unclear what impact his visits will have. Punk is slated to return during AEW Collision’s debut in June, and fans eagerly await his next move in the world of professional wrestling.

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