Cody Rhodes praises working with Triple H: ‘So Far, A+’

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes has given a glowing review of working with WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H.

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Rhodes was asked about his experience working with Triple H and replied with a resounding “A+.” Rhodes mentioned that their relationship has been deliberate and that Triple H has high expectations for him, but that they have yet to hit any road bumps. Rhodes also said that he’s enjoying the non-performative nature of their relationship and that he hopes Triple H respects the hustle that he puts into his work.

“We’ve yet to really hit a road bump. They’re gonna come. I keep using different sports analogies, but we’re gonna fumble the ball. We’re gonna have these moments. They’re gonna come but right now, it’s been a very good relationship. Because it’s not performative. Right, it’s you call the play, and I’m gonna go out there and try to do the damn thing. I’ve really enjoyed that because I don’t think there was necessarily bad blood. But that was a contentious thing on Wednesdays in a way for a while. If anything, I hope he would look at that and respect the hustle. I don’t think I’ve ever said respect the hustle. Respect what I was out there trying to do. Cause what I was out there trying to do then was for everybody.”

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