Darby Allin Dislikes Being Referred to as “Four Pillars”

Darby Allin, a key player in AEW, is set to participate in the Four Pillars World Title Match at AEW Double or Nothing. In a recent interview with Pwinsider, Allin shared his thoughts on the upcoming event and his career in AEW.

Allin expressed his readiness for the main event and his ambition to become the face of AEW. He also shared his perspective on the term “pillars,” stating that anyone loyal to the company is a pillar in his eyes. He emphasized his appreciation for the creative freedom he has enjoyed in AEW, which extends beyond the ring.

“So I’m going to start off the word pillars. I never really liked that word, never saw myself as a pillar per se. I think anybody who’s ride or die with this company is a pillar in my eye. I don’t think it gets put down to four guys being categorized as pillars. I think anybody who’s loyal to the company is considered a pillar in my eye. But to be a guy in this company that was able to start from AEW from day one and give him the creative freedom from day one and people can see Darby Allin and what I’m all about without anybody changing anything about me and watching the growth that I’ve had, that’s what I’m most grateful for and to see… And I think out of all the pillars, I run with creative freedom the most out of all the people because my creative freedom goes beyond the ring. It goes with the crazy stuff I do outside of the ring. It goes with the crazy stuff I do in the ring. And creative freedom is all I’ve ever want in life and I got just that. But to watch everybody else grow, Max, Sammy, Jungle Boy, it’s cool. We all started from nothing, absolutely nothing before we had no TV experience whatsoever and it’s going to be very special to go out there and kind of show people what we’re capable of in that main event spot.”

Allin also discussed his relationship with Sting, expressing a wish for fans to see more of their camaraderie outside the ring. He expressed excitement for the upcoming AEW Collision and his willingness to perform wherever the opportunity arises.

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