Dominik and Rhea Ripley confront Rey Mysterio on Valentine’s Day

Rey and Dominik Mysterio faced off once again, this time during their Valentine’s Day dinner.

The Mysterio family has been having a lot of trouble over the holidays, bringing out the worst of the father-son rivalry.

During Thanksgiving Day, Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley broke into Mysterio’s house and attacked Rey Mysterio.

Then, over Christmas, Dominik went through the experience of going to prison after a fight with his father.

In a video posted on Twitter, WWE showcased Mysterio’s latest showdown as Dominik and Rhea Ripley wanted to enjoy dinner on Valentine’s Day.

However, the reservation Dom thought he had for Mami and himself was taken over by Rey and his wife. After realizing this, the members of Judgment Day took over their table with Rey taking the road and exiting the restaurant before another altercation could ensue.

Later, Dom tried to pay for dinner by putting it on the Mysterios’ tab, but the waiter informed him that Rey had made sure her son no longer had access to it.

When Dom tried to pay with his credit card, the waiter informed him that his card had been declined.

At that moment, some police entered the restaurant and sat down next to the ex-convict, which led Mysterio to leave the place and leave his Mami behind.

That forced Rhea to pay for Valentine’s Day dinner and leave with the bottle of champagne the couple had been enjoying.

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