Edge Discusses Challenges of Part-Time Wrestling Schedule

WWE Superstar Edge, during his appearance on Logan Paul’s ImPAULsive Podcast, spoke about the difficulties of working a part-time wrestling schedule.

The 49-year-old explained that performing less often makes it harder to maintain the “bump callus,” which is built up by taking bumps in the ring. Edge said that despite the challenges, the human body adapts to the demands of pro wrestling, allowing performers to push through the pain and continue entertaining fans.

“What’s really interesting about that is because if you perform less, I find it harder. I used to turn 200 shows a year – there’s no way I could pull that off now, I’m 49 years old – but I find it harder to do one every three months or so. I got to keep up that, we call it the bump callus, right? Every bump you take kind of builds up a little bit of calluses.”

“Well, you just get used to it eventually. Your body will – and we’re all stupid – eventually your body just gets desensitized to it and it’s amazing what the human body can put up with if you push it.”

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