FTR Commends CM Punk’s Role in AEW, Tease New Show

FTR’s Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, the reigning AEW World Tag Team Champions, expressed their appreciation for CM Punk’s support during a recent Monopoly Events Q&A. The duo acknowledged the helpfulness of Punk in acclimating to life on the road, particularly with regards to Harwood’s anxiety issues.

Punk, lauded for his open-door policy, regularly watches and provides feedback on matches to the AEW locker room. However, for FTR, his advice is often, “keep doing what you’re doing,” reinforcing their confidence.

“He is one of my best friends in the business. He hasn’t given me any specific advice, but I’ve been pretty forward about my anxiety issues. My anxiety issues stem from sleeping. Going to work was really difficult to me because I didn’t have my wife, who is my support system, I didn’t have her on the road with me. Not that Punk helped me in the way that my wife does, if you know what I’m saying. Maria, sorry, hope you’re not listening. She was my support system and she was my comfort. Going on the road was really difficult for me because I was worried about sleep and I was worried about my mind wandering. Punk would say, ‘come to my room, let’s watch wrestling, let’s hang out.’ He just helped me acclimate my brain back to being on the road for my anxiety issues. I’m forever indebted to him for that,” said Dax.

“My answer is not going to get any better than that. He really hasn’t given us any specific advice. The crazy thing is, he’s usually just very complimentary of what we’ve done. If we have a match with Aussie Open and he watches it, usually it’s just, ‘you guys are insanely good. To me, most importantly, we were very like minded as far as our mentality goes, wrestling-wise. That’s what has kind of bonded us. He really hasn’t given us a ton of wrestling advice other than, ‘keep doing what you’re doing,’ which I think maybe more than anything gives us the confidence to know we’re on the right path,” added Wheeler.

The AEW return of Punk is slated for June 17, in the new AEW Collision show on TNT, where he and FTR will reportedly take center stage.

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