GUNTHER wants a Dream Match against Brock Lesnar

GUNTHER, the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, has expressed interest in facing off against Brock Lesnar in the ring. In a recent interview, GUNTHER stated that a match with Lesnar is on his list of dream matches and defeating him would be a significant milestone in his career.

The champion spoke highly of Lesnar’s dominance in the wrestling industry, calling him a “beast.” GUNTHER, who set a new record in this year’s Royal Rumble, is seen as a rising star in the WWE and considers a match with Lesnar to be the ultimate test. The champion hopes to have the opportunity to face Lesnar in the future.

“Brock is a one-in-a-million guy, or one-in-10-million or something like that, always like those guys who stood out from the pack,” GUNTHER said. “I stopped watching wrestling for a while when I was a teenager and then I got back into it again when I started training. There was a time when Brock was young and he was wrestling Eddie [Guerrero], The Big Show, and Kurt Angle and stuff, and the guy was a beast. He was fantastic, a beast. I always loved his matches and was always very impressed with that.”

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