IMPACT! (04/20/2023) – Full coverage and results!

This Thursday night, AXS TV will broadcast another unprecedented episode of IMPACT Wrestling directly from the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Check out the highlights from IMPACT Wrestling for tonight’s show below:

  • Steve Maclin, the new IMPACT World Champion, will have a ceremony to celebrate his first reign!
  • Nick Aldis has confirmed his return to IMPACT Wrestling and he’ll talk about it tonight!
  • Trey Miguel, Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bailey will team up to take on the Time Machine!

See all of this and more today starting at 8 pm on Wrestling Mania’s live coverage.


Tag Team Match: Time Machine vs. Miguel, Bailey & Gresham
– Sabin cradleshocks Trey for the win.

Right now, backstage, Gia Miller is in the middle of an interview with Santino Marella. He mentions that he may occasionally step between the ropes, but he’s satisfied with the outcome at Rebellion. Alisha barges in, questioning Santino’s plans for PCO. He quickly lets her know that she’s slated for a match soon. Meanwhile, Swinger and Dice make an appearance, seeking to secure a match for themselves.

A fresh vignette showcasing Deonna Purrazzo as the reigning Knockouts Champion hits the screen.

Singles Match: Alisha Edwards vs. Tara Rising
– Alisha hits a face buster for the win.

Immediately following the match, Jody Threat dashes to the ring, thwarting Alisha’s attempt to assault Tara after the bell. Alisha hastily retreats up the ramp, Jody’s intense gaze following her.

Later backstage, Threat consoles Rising, urging her not to tolerate such bullying. Jody promises to handle Alisha herself.

Singles Match: Moose vs. Yuya Uemura
– Moose won the match with a ‘spear’.

At this moment, we’re treated to a captivating vignette featuring The Coven as they delve into new Tarot cards. They sense something new on the horizon. Taylor questions if there’s any intel on The Virtuosa, labeling Deonna a phony. King proposes they teach her a lesson, and Wilde concurs. They declare this as the age of Aquarius, with King adding, “Harmony and understanding, folks.”

Meanwhile, backstage, Sami Callihan speaks to the camera, discussing his journey through The Design’s seven steps. He’s unfazed by shaving his head, stating that the remaining steps are solely aimed at dismantling The Design. He emphasizes that his mission is far from over.

Digital Media Champioship Match: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Sheldon Jean
– Hendry slams Jean to the mat and covers to retain.

We’re witnessing Steve Maclin’s Changing of the Guard ceremony. He enters the ring, accompanied by men in camo shirts. Maclin expresses his gratitude to Impact for giving him an opportunity in 2021, and states that he has fulfilled his mission by becoming the World Champ. Although he initially planned to humiliate the former world champ in his home country, Maclin issues an open challenge instead.

As Maclin taunts children in the crowd, Scott D’Amore makes an appearance. Scott acknowledges Maclin’s potential to become the world champion but criticizes his methods. He points out that Maclin could have faced Josh during his record reign but didn’t. Scott then questions if Maclin is avoiding Aldis.

Maclin praises Scott as a leader and brings up his recent Canadian Destroyer. Scott admits he shouldn’t have thrown the belt in Steve’s face, but emphasizes that Maclin had the chance to face him on Sunday. Instead, Maclin chose to attack from behind. Scott asserts he rarely makes the same mistake twice and reveals the perfect Canadian challenger for Maclin at Under Siege: PCO.

PCO enters, taking out security guards. As security tries to overpower him, PCO breaks free and confronts the champ. He delivers a DDT, forcing Maclin to retreat up the ramp. PCO then spears two security members through a table in the corner. The show concludes with an intense stare-down between Maclin and PCO.

End of show!

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