Jay White speaks on his Wrestling future

Jay White, the former New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star, has recently been the topic of discussion among wrestling fans after his recent loss to Hikuleo at the NJPW New Beginning In Osaka show. White’s future in the wrestling world has been highly speculated, with many believing he will end up in either WWE or AEW.

Breaking his silence on the matter, White spoke with Sports Illustrated and noted that “so much is possible.” He said, “Impact, AEW, WWE—we’ll see.” White added that he is at peace with the situation and doesn’t feel like he has left any boxes unchecked in his career. He expressed hope that as time goes on, people will appreciate his work even more.

White acknowledged that he can’t go back to Japan, but noted that there is nothing stopping him from competing at shows in the United States. He expressed pride in Hikuleo and their forever-linked careers after the latter’s win against White.

According to sources within WWE, they are reportedly confident that they will be able to land White, but that has not been confirmed at this time.

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