Jim Cornette Mocks Tony Khan for Not Reducing AEW Roster

Jim Cornette, a pro wrestling veteran, recently mocked AEW President Tony Khan on his podcast for not streamlining the AEW talent pool. Despite the well-known issue of a bloated roster, Khan has been reluctant to let talent go.

This issue was partially addressed through the AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation shows, providing underused talent with exposure. However, as part of the new deal with Warner Bros Discovery, these shows are due to be canceled and replaced by AEW Collision, airing on Saturdays from next month.

Cornette dismissed the canceled shows as “meaningless matches” and criticized Khan’s reluctance to cut contracts and costs. Meanwhile, fans eagerly anticipate CM Punk headlining the new AEW Collision.

“It’s not like these were fully formed television shows with interviews, and angles, and ready to go out. It’s just meaningless matches with their underneath talent that Tony amassed and has never had the ba*ls to give notice to, cut contracts, cut costs, whatever — for people he’s been paying for years.”

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