John Cena Discusses His Goal of Passing the Torch

John Cena, a titan in professional wrestling, recently shared his thoughts on the concept of “passing the torch” in the industry. In a conversation with Sam Roberts on Notsam Wrestling, Cena discussed his commitment to the future of professional wrestling and his role in shaping it.

Cena, who has achieved immense popularity and success in his career, acknowledged the responsibility that comes with his status. He expressed his intention to help the next generation of wrestlers and, when the time is right, to pass the torch to a deserving successor.

“You can track back, and I’ve missed a bunch of times. I’ve tried to care and been too quirky, tried to be funny, and failed, but I’m trying. I’m always trying to make you care. That’s been the way since I was doing raps. People would want to hear the lines. Then people wouldn’t want to hear the lines. ‘You can do your rap thing. I’m just going to kick the crap out of you in the ring.’ Fine, that doesn’t matter. What matters is me making them connect and believe,” said John. “If they believe and maybe they laugh, then they feel sad when people kick the crap out of me. Then I can get away with something like, my ethos is persistence, because years from now, people will be like, ‘Yeah, that actually kind of is what he does. He just keeps showing up. He’s here a lot.’ That’s the thing when authenticity. You can’t shake hands with someone for the first time, and they know you’re sold. I’m blessed enough to be able to, for now, people to reflect and see, ‘he is authentically that. He authentically has passion for the company.’ My goal is to authentically leave it better than I found it. That’s my goal, to pass the torch up.” (John Cena, Notsam Wrestling)

Cena’s last appearance was at WrestleMania 39, where he competed against Austin Theory in a United States Championship match.

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