John Cena Offers Candid Advice to Austin Theory

In a recent interview with Sam Roberts, WWE superstar John Cena shared some candid advice he gave to rising talent Austin Theory during their WrestleMania 39 program. Cena emphasized the importance of failure in the journey to success, stating, “Don’t just perform, fail, like a lot and then one day you’ll get it.” He further explained that it took Roman Reigns nearly a decade at the top to find his own path and encouraged Theory to start failing now to expedite his growth.

Cena also revealed that he had a frank conversation with Theory about his performance, expressing his disbelief in Theory’s character. Despite this, Cena praised Theory’s work ethic and involvement in their WrestleMania program.

Cena’s advice to Theory underscores the importance of authenticity and resilience in the world of professional wrestling.

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