John Morrison discusses journey to Creator Clash 2 bout with Harley Morenstein

In a recent interview with The Spotlight, John Morrison discussed his upcoming boxing match with Harley Morenstein at Creator Clash 2, a charity-focused event set to take place this April. Morrison talked about how he was approached for the fight, and shared his perspective on what to expect.

Regarding the fight, Morrison explained, “I met iDubbbz and everyone at Creator Clash 1 when I was in Dad’s corner and I was so pumped up and excited about the event that I think everyone could tell. Ian and Anisa then contacted me a little while later and asked if I would consider fighting. They asked if I would fight Harley, and although I would rather fight someone who is not a friend, I agreed.”

The wrestler went on to share that he realized that in the world of pro wrestling, he doesn’t hit anyone harder than his friends, but ultimately he agreed to the fight. He concluded by saying, “We’re just going to punch each other until one of us can’t stand up anymore, and I hope he’s still my friend after that.”

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