Johnny Gargano reveals details of when John Cena sent him a long text message

Johnny Gargano, a top WWE NXT star, has shared details of the praise he received from John Cena following an Instagram post. Gargano is set to compete against Grayson Waller in an unsanctioned match at the NXT Stand & Deliver event on April 1. This will be his first match on the brand since December 2021, when he cut a farewell promo before being attacked by Waller. Gargano returned to NXT at the NXT Roadblock in March 2023 and has been in a feud with Waller ever since.

Gargano revealed that after he posted a photo on Instagram, Cena sent him a long text message thanking him for his contributions to the industry and expressing his appreciation for him.

“My (NXT) WarGames match that I spoke on earlier, he (John Cena) posted a picture of me on his Instagram after the WarGames match of just me. I know John posts random pictures on his Instagram, but it was just me. So I had his number, I sent him a text. I said, ‘Hey man, thank you for that.'”

“He sent me a long text message about thanking me for my time in NXT, everything I contributed to it and that I’ve (given) to the industry, stuff in the future. He’s the man. I cannot say enough great things about John Cena. Like I said, he’s the prototype of what a WWE superstar should be in and out of the ring.”

Cena is set to face Austin Theory, a former member of Gargano’s group The Way, for the United States Championship at WrestleMania 39, with the opponents exchanging words in a heated rivalry.

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