Kenny Omega Questions His Trust in Friends After Don Callis’ Betrayal

AEW superstar Kenny Omega is questioning his trust in his friends after Don Callis betrayed him during his Steel Cage match against Jon Moxley on the May 10 episode of Dynamite.

Callis, Omega’s longtime friend and mentor, attacked the former AEW World Champion at the end of the match, costing him the win. Omega was visibly shaken by Callis’ betrayal, and he later questioned who he could trust in an interview with Lexy Nair.

“Where’s Don? Where’s Don? If I can’t trust the Bucks, if I can’t trust my family, who can I trust? Who can I trust?” Omega said.

Omega’s trust issues with Callis are not new. The two have been feuding for months, and Omega has been increasingly suspicious of Callis’ motives. Callis’ betrayal in the Steel Cage match has only served to deepen Omega’s distrust.

It remains to be seen how Omega will respond to Callis’ betrayal. However, it is clear that Omega is shaken by what happened, and he will need to find a way to rebuild his trust in his friends.

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