Konnan says Dominik is a much better heel than MJF

Dominik Mysterio has experienced a significant character transformation since betraying his father, Rey Mysterio, and Edge last year. His heel turn has garnered much attention, with fans now reacting strongly to his actions. Some, like wrestling veteran Konnan, even believe Dominik is a more effective heel than MJF.

In an interview with Nick Hausman, Konnan compared Dominik Mysterio and MJF, stating that he believes Dominik is a better heel due to the fact that people genuinely dislike him, while fans tend to like MJF. Konnan compared MJF to Ric Flair, who was difficult to truly hate because of his undeniable talent.

“The thing is, he (Dominik) might be a better heel for this one reason. Yes, I think he should just be a straight-up heel and just get heat” he stated. “But, he’s so good and he’s so likable, he’s like Ric Flair. It was hard to really hate Ric Flair because he was so awesome. So, he’s kind of in that, and, of course, he’s catered, some of it is his own fault for catering to the fans sometimes but he’s kind of likable and hatable at the same time. So, he’s kind of in a hybrid situation whereas Dom is just a straight heel that nobody likes.”

Despite past considerations to send Dominik Mysterio to NXT, he is currently enjoying the most successful run of his career as a heel.

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