Liv Morgan’s Injury Is Worse Than Initially Imagined

Liv Morgan has been grappling with a shoulder injury that has turned out to be more severe than initially anticipated. Morgan sustained the injury during a WWE SmackDown match two weeks ago, where she was defending her WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside Raquel Rodriguez.

The severity of Morgan’s injury has led to speculation about the need for surgery. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, in its latest report, confirmed that Morgan’s injury was indeed “worse than originally expected”. This development has led to a reshuffling of plans within WWE, with Rodriguez being paired with a new partner, Shotzi.

The injury has not only disrupted the reing but has also raised questions about Morgan’s future in WWE. The severity of her injury has led to the decision to vacate the titles, a move that indicates Morgan might be out of action for an extended period.

Morgan, also known as Gionna Daddio, has been making strides in her entertainment career outside WWE. She was set to appear in a movie about Mildred Burke and has been landing roles in horror TV shows and films like “Chucky” and “The Kill Room”. The impact of her injury on these ventures remains unclear.

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