Matt Cardona gives up trademark battle against WWE for in-ring Name

Former WWE star Matt Cardona has revealed why he has given up on his pursuit to trademark his previous in-ring name, Zack Ryder.

In an interview with the Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast, Cardona stated that WWE had fought his application for the trademark and he wasn’t willing to engage in a legal battle over it. Cardona acknowledged that while he would have liked to own the intellectual property of Zack Ryder for merchandise purposes, the character remains dead to him. He mentioned his toy company, Major Bendies, and the idea of creating a two-pack featuring Zack Ryder and Matt Cardona.

However, Cardona emphasized that his focus is now on his current in-ring name, Matt Cardona, and his real-life wife Chelsea Green, who recently returned to WWE and is making history.

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