Matt Hardy’s AEW Plans derailed by Jeff’s arrest

WWE veteran Matt Hardy speaks about the disappointment of his and Jeff Hardy’s AEW tag team plans being derailed due to Jeff’s arrest.

In an episode of “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” Hardy details their planned summer and fall storyline for the Hardy Boyz, and how he was left with nothing after Jeff’s departure. Hardy mentions a brief storyline with Christian, but ultimately found himself floating without direction.

“Before Jeff had his incident, we were going into that tag team match. We planned on the AEW tag team titles and we figured, we kinda had a whole summer planned for the Hardy Boyz, into the fall. We kinda knew what we were doing all the way, whatever. It was very difficult once Jeff had to go away, because I was just kinda left with nothing. There was a little story I did with Christian for a few weeks that started, and then basically I was just kinda floating because all the plans that I had had were kinda, went up in smoke. “

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