Natalya Promises Rhea Ripley a Lesson in Respect at Night of Champions

Natalya, the seasoned WWE superstar, has recently been in the spotlight due to her ongoing feud with the current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley. The tension between the two escalated when Ripley challenged Natalya to a match at the upcoming WWE Night of Champions event. This challenge was accepted, setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown.

Natalya, who has been less active on WWE TV compared to Ripley, has not won a match on WWE TV since the March 24 episode of WWE SmackDown. Despite this, she remains undeterred and is determined to prove her worth in the upcoming match.

In a heartfelt video message shared on Twitter, Natalya addressed the criticism she’s faced throughout her feud with Ripley. She acknowledged that she might not be on Ripley’s level at the moment and may not have the same momentum as the champion. However, she emphasized her resilience and determination, stating that she has managed to stay in the game by fighting for everything she has.

Natalya also made a bold promise to Ripley and her fans. She stated that while Ripley might mock her or even beat her, she will earn Ripley’s respect at the Night of Champions. This statement has added an extra layer of anticipation to their upcoming match, with fans eagerly waiting to see if Natalya can make good on her promise.

While Natalya has been drafted to WWE RAW, she has not ruled out making appearances on WWE SmackDown. As the Night of Champions approaches, fans are keen to see how this feud will unfold and whether Natalya will indeed earn the respect she seeks from Ripley.

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