Recent Defeat of Mercedes Mone Displayed on AEW Dynamite of May 24th

Pro wrestling fans witnessed a significant event on tonight AEW Dynamite as Mercedes Mone made her debut. The broadcast highlighted Willow Nightingale’s recent victory over Mone at the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship at Resurgence. Nightingale, post-victory, emphasized her strength and determination to establish herself as a top star.

The broadcast served dual purposes – promoting Nightingale and acknowledging Mone. Reports indicate Mone suffered an ankle injury, altering the match’s outcome. Speculation is rife about a rematch once Mone recovers, possibly at the Forbidden Door PPV in Toronto.

As fans eagerly await Mone’s recovery, anticipation builds for the potential clash between her and Nightingale. The Forbidden Door PPV could be a significant event, showcasing the continued collaboration between various promotions and presenting captivating matchups for wrestling fans. Stay tuned for updates on Mone’s recovery and the potential rematch.

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