Reggie undergoes face-turn by saving SCRYPTS from Dabba Kato

In a surprise twist during a recent WWE NXT match, Axiom was saved from a beatdown by Dabba Kato, thanks to the return of Reggie. The former WWE 24/7 Champion, recently unmasked as SCRYPTS, made a dramatic entrance, rallying the crowd and stealing the spotlight​.

This intervention marked a significant character change for Reggie, culminating in a major babyface turn. However, Axiom, still wary from recent feuds with SCRYPTS, hesitated when Reggie extended his hand in a gesture of camaraderie. Despite Reggie’s timely aid, Axiom remained cautious, mindful of their past conflict.

The NXT audience welcomed Reggie’s return with chants and cheers, displaying enthusiasm even surpassing their support for Axiom. This unexpected turn of events promises new developments in the storyline, keeping WWE NXT fans on the edge of their seats.

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