Rey Mysterio wants a “Mask vs. Hair Match” against Dominik

The week of WrestleMania 39 marked a turning point in Rey Mysterio’s career. After receiving his place in the WWE Hall of Fame, the San Diego masked man had one of the most memorable clashes of Saturday night against his son Dominik Mysterio, whom he managed to defeat with the help of Bad Bunny.

Episodes of Monday Night RAW following “Showcase of Immortals” saw Dominik showing his presence in his father’s affairs, hinting that the feud between the two is far from over. It could even mark a new chapter in Backlash 2023 with the alleged showdown between the masked man and Bad Bunny against Judgment Day.

Precisely, Rey Mysterio expressed his desire to put an end to the rivalry through Logan Paul’s podcast.

“Maybe I can put my mask on the line to get his hair out,” said Rey Mysterio on ImPAULsive. “If I lose the fight, I take my mask off. If he loses, he shaves his head. That might be interesting to do. I should be open to something like that, considering he’s been talking a lot of shit lately.”

Rey Mysterio won several stakes fights before coming to the United States. However, it is known that the fighter even lost the unknown in WCW when he was defeated in a team fight against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Rey competed without a mask for three years before making her WWE debut in 2002.

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