Saraya Clarifies Stance on Thunder Rosa Apology in AEW

Saraya, a notable figure in AEW’s women’s division, has clarified her recent remarks about Thunder Rosa’s apology to the locker room. The feud between Saraya and Britt Baker, backed by Jamie Hayter and Hikaru, has been a central storyline in recent weeks​​.

Saraya’s comments surfaced during The Corner Podcast, where she encouraged individuals to move past the backstage issues between Rosa and Baker, depicted on AEW’s reality series, All Access. She clarified that Rosa’s apology occurred before her time with AEW, making it inappropriate to claim she or the locker room accepted the apology​.

Responding to a false report regarding her comments, Saraya tweeted, “No I didn’t say they accepted it. Not at any point. This is b. That’s absolutely up to them. I said she apologized and this was all before my time there so I don’t know the deal. Dirt sheets being dirt sheets. I did say the locker room is f* awesome though and I love being a part of it”​​.

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