Saraya Supports CM Punk’s Return for AEW’s Benefit

AEW wrestler Saraya recently expressed her support for the rumored return of CM Punk to the promotion, stating it would be beneficial for AEW.

During an interview with BBC Norfolk, she recalled her positive experiences with Punk and emphasized the importance of separating personal feelings from professional decisions.

“I’ve said this before with Punk. He’s always been an absolute sweetheart to me. He’s never once had any conflict whatsoever. He’s been very helpful and given a lot advice over the years. Since basically the beginning of when I was at WWE, he was kind of on his way out, but I remember coming up on live event loops, and he was very, very nice. Going into WWE Backstage, always very nice. Then coming into AEW, he had reached out to me, and was like, ‘If you need anything.’ He’s really awesome.”

“So I want whatever is best for business,” Saraya continued. “If people don’t like each other, you have to find that common ground in a professional setting. There’s been people I haven’t liked over the years, but I’ve never let my personal feelings get in the way of business at the end of the day. If he was to come back, it would be great for AEW. It would be great for tickets too. I feel like Wembley is already doing awesome without anyone announced, but do you bring in the big dogs? Absolutely. We do have Chris Jericho, we do have the Young Bucks and Kenny [Omega], and hopefully, we bring in Punk too.”

With AEW’s major summer event, All In, approaching, Saraya believes that bringing in big names like Punk, Chris Jericho, and Kenny Omega would boost the promotion’s success. CM Punk’s return is speculated to occur in June, potentially headlining AEW’s new Collision show.

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