Situation between AEW and CM Punk progresses positively

In the latest developments between CM Punk and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), negotiations are continuing despite recent complications. An initial verbal agreement had been reached, but issues arose last week when Ace Steel was restricted from attending live TV tapings for AEW Collision. This caused CM Punk to reconsider his involvement​​.

AEW and Punk have reportedly been holding productive talks, with Punk’s attendance at AEW Collision on June 17 seeming more likely. Although rumors of legal threats surfaced, documents sent to Punk appear to be precautions to protect AEW’s interests rather than legal threats. These documents cover various topics, including the obligation of Punk to honor his TV appearances​​.

Regarding AEW Collision’s debut episode, the United Center in Chicago is still being discussed as the potential location. While Daily’s Place has been discussed as a backup, other options are also under consideration. The final decision is yet to be confirmed, but it is believed that it could be heavily influenced by the outcome of Punk’s situation​​​.

The future of Collision seemingly hangs in the balance, awaiting Punk’s decision​.

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