Steve Austin reveals why he turned down WrestleMania 39

It was reported several times that Steve Austin was even planned for WrestleMania 39, even being considered to be the opponent of Roman Reigns, by the Undisputed WWE Universal Championsip, in the main event of the show.

However, as everyone could see, “Stone Cold” not only didn’t fight, it also didn’t appear in the “Showcase of Immortals” at all.

In a recent interview, Austin revealed the real reason that made him refuse a fight at WrestleMania 39. According to “Texas Rattlesnake”, the production of his personal program, Stone Cold Takes on America, ended up being delayed, invading the calendar of a possible preparation for a second fight after his retirement.

Austin completed that when he faced Kevin Owens, at WrestleMania 38, in Dallas, he was completely prepared and trained, something that would not happen this year, due to his accumulated schedule, which made him give up the idea proposed by WWE.

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