Stone Cold Praises Pat McAfee’s Wrestling Instincts

Stone Cold Steve Austin recently lauded Pat McAfee’s instinct for wrestling, ranking his Stone Cold Stunner sell among the top three. The praise comes after their interaction at WrestleMania 38, where McAfee faced off against Austin Theory and Vince McMahon. Austin, also known as the Texas Rattlesnake, applauded McAfee’s in-ring performance and improvisational skills.

In Austin’s words, “Man, top three. I got to say top three because I mean, you know, The Rock is number one. The way he oversold and Scott Hall and some of the other guys that took it. I mean the way…Pat has a natural feel for the business. Epic performer. Great on the stick. Athletically you know that that match he had with the Theory was awesome. And then the kicker was not only the sell of a Stunner, but I don’t know if I threw him out or he ended up out of the ring but to lay there selling, still guzzling the beer, the presence of mind to ad Lib and improvise it like this is a moment without even thinking about it.”

Off the ring, McAfee has also made headlines by securing a multi-million dollar deal with ESPN. The Pat McAfee Show is set to make its debut on the network this fall​.

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