Triple H wants to promote Bayley and Becky Lynch as “the greatest stars of all time”

Before becoming WWE’s chief creative officer, Triple H was known for his behind-the-scenes work on NXT. During their time on the developmental brand, “The Game” focused on building the women’s division, and two stars in particular from that era enjoyed immense success on the senior roster.

Becky Lynch and Bayley have become multiple-time world champions on the main roster, and apparently, “Hunter” now wants to promote the veterans as “the greatest stars of all time”.

During last week’s edition of Monday Night RAW, commentators referred to Lynch and Bayley as the greatest of all time, and that was no accident. The two fighters made the main event of the show inside the Steel Cage.

As Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this is likely due to Triple H’s intervention, as they wouldn’t say it on their own.

“It’s remarkable that commentators have said this now, and obviously this is coming from Levesque, as they would never say it on their own, that Lynch and Bayley are the all-time greats in wrestling.”

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