Vince McMahon Rejected Idea of Elias Attacking Roman Reigns with a Guitar

Former WWE writer Dave Schilling recently shared insights into Vince McMahon’s creative process during an appearance on the “In The Weeds” podcast. Schilling explained that WWE writers pitched ideas primarily for McMahon, focusing on what the WWE CEO would like, as those ideas were more likely to be implemented.

Schilling also recounted some interesting pitches he made, such as Elias hitting Roman Reigns with a guitar, which were rejected in the writers’ room.

“Every week we would all submit a version of the show and that would have promo language and stuff like that … there are written things, but a lot of stuff just gets kinda said. I wanted Elias to hit Roman Reigns with a guitar in a segment, and someone said, ‘You can’t have Elias hit the world champion with a guitar.’”

Despite Triple H’s role as Chief Content Officer, McMahon maintains significant influence over the creative direction of the company, ensuring his ideas are realized.

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