Will Ospreay Rethinks Risky Moves, Reflects on Chris Jericho’s Advice

Will Ospreay, known for his daring maneuvers in the ring, has revealed his apprehension about performing certain moves, including the shooting star press. In a recent interview with Fightful, Ospreay shared his fears, stating, “I’m scared of doing the shooting star press again. I nearly messed it up a little while ago.”

Ospreay also reflected on advice given by Chris Jericho in 2018, after a dangerous landing during a match against Kushida. Jericho had warned him about the potential for an early end to his career if he continued with such risky moves. Ospreay acknowledged that he took Jericho’s advice to heart and has since changed his wrestling style.

Despite the changes, Ospreay is still grappling with the potential need to retire his signature move, the Storm Breaker, due to injury concerns. As he continues to evolve his style, fans are eagerly awaiting his next move in the ring.

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