WWE Friday Night SmackDown (05/05/2023) – Full Coverage and Results

This Friday night, WWE and FOX will broadcast another live episode of Friday Night SmackDown, directly from the Coliseo in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The highlight of the night is the return of Bad Bunny before competing in Backlash. Cody Rhodes will make a guest appearance on SmackDown, and Karrion Kross will clash with Shinsuke Nakamura.

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As Michael Cole and Wade Barrett welcome viewers, LWO enters the ring.

Rey Mysterio greets the Puerto Rican crowd and expresses his pride in representing them as a member of LWO. As he hands the mic to Zelina Vega, Judgment Day interrupts with their entrance music, and Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, and Dominik Mysterio make their appearance. Dominik provocatively tears an LWO shirt from a fan as he approaches the ring.

Amidst jeers from the audience, Dominik accuses Rey of being a deadbeat father. Rey, visibly upset, challenges Dominik to a WrestleMania rematch. Ripley interjects and confronts Rey with an alternative proposal. Vega steps in to face Ripley, and Dominik subsequently proposes a mixed tag team match between Vega and Rey against Judgment Day later in the evening. Rey agrees to the match.

As Judgment Day prepares to exit the ring, Dominik delivers a cheap shot at Rey. Soon after, The O.C. makes their way down to the ring. This ongoing confrontation sets the stage for a heated mixed tag team match later in the night, showcasing the fierce rivalry between LWO and Judgment Day.

Tag Team Match: The O.C. (w/ Michin) vs. Viking Raiders (w/ Valhalla)
– Gallows and Anderson applied the Magic Killer to win.

A video promoting the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament is displayed.

Following a promotional video for the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring. She expresses her joy at being drafted back to SmackDown and mentions its significance to her. Addressing IYO SKY, Belair highlights her impressive record, having faced top opponents and traveled the globe to defend her title. She emphasizes her dedication and aims to become the longest reigning Women’s Champion in the modern era.

Interrupting Belair, Damage CTRL’s music plays, and Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY enter. Bayley challenges Belair to reveal the real reason SmackDown holds a special place in her heart, claiming it’s because Bayley created her. Asserting that SKY will end Belair’s reign, Bayley also mentions her and Kai’s interest in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

As Damage CTRL surrounds the ring, Belair manages to knock down Kai and Bayley. However, when SKY confronts Belair, Bayley and Kai take advantage and blindside her. Belair briefly gains the upper hand, lifting Bayley onto her shoulders, but Bayley slips away. Just as Damage CTRL regains control, Liv Morgan’s music hits, and she arrives with Rodriguez to assist Belair. Damage CTRL is forced to retreat as the situation escalates.

The Street Profits then make their entrance, heading down to the ring.

Returning from a commercial break, we find The Usos and Solo Sikoa backstage. Jimmy Uso addresses the imminent six-man tag team match against Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Matt Riddle, scheduled for the following night. He inquires about Jey Uso and Sikoa’s confidence in their chances of victory. While Jey confirms their intentions to win, Sikoa initially remains silent.

After Jey prompts Sikoa to respond, Sikoa assures them he will fulfill his part in the match and expects The Usos to do the same.

Tag Team Match: Imperium vs. Street Profits
– Ford applied a Splash to win.

After a video recap highlighting the conflict between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar, Rhodes makes his way to the ring. He engages the San Juan crowd before turning his attention to Lesnar. Rhodes labels Lesnar a “gatekeeper” in the wrestling industry. He recalls Arn Anderson’s words about reaching the “kingdom” as a sign of achieving top status in the profession and sees Lesnar as an obstacle in reaching that level.

Rhodes acknowledges that one can have a successful WWE career without competing against Lesnar. He ponders why Lesnar chose to target him and wonders if Lesnar will provide an explanation after their confrontation. Rhodes admits to previously expressing fear of Lesnar but asserts that he can’t afford to be afraid. Confident in the fairness of their upcoming match, Rhodes declares his intention to leave Puerto Rico with his kingdom.

Subsequently, Shinsuke Nakamura enters the scene, heading down to the ring.

Singles Match: Karrion Kross vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
– Nakamura hits the Kinshasa for the win.

Following the break, a video highlights the NXT Superstars drafted to SmackDown during the WWE Draft. We then move backstage, where Adam Pearce welcomes Cameron Grimes to SmackDown. Baron Corbin joins the conversation, congratulating Grimes on being the last pick. Grimes retorts that being picked last is better than not being picked at all. Corbin claims his lack of selection stems from universal demand for his skills and dismisses Grimes’ future career. Grimes challenges Corbin to a match, and Pearce makes it official.

Commentators Michael Cole and Wade Barrett provide a rundown of the WWE Backlash card before transitioning to a video showcasing the earlier confrontation between Bad Bunny and Damian Priest.

Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega then make their way to the ring, followed by Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega vs. Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley (w/ Finn Balor)
– Rey rolls Dominik him up for the win.

Following the match, Judgment Day launches an attack on Rey Mysterio. Damian Priest joins the assault, but the situation takes a turn when Bad Bunny’s music starts playing. Armed with a kendo stick, Bad Bunny enters the fray alongside the rest of LWO.

LWO successfully fends off Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio, leaving Bad Bunny in the ring with Priest. As Dominik rushes toward him, Bad Bunny strikes him with the kendo stick. Priest, seizing the opportunity, slips out of the ring and exchanges a tense stare with Bad Bunny. Rey Mysterio presents Bad Bunny with an LWO shirt, which he dons in a show of solidarity.

End of show!

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