WWE Friday Night SmackDown (05/19/2023) – Full Coverage and Results!

On Friday night, WWE and FOX will air another live episode of Friday Night SmackDown from Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina.

The highlight of the night is the face-off between Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens before Night of Champions. The Usos will face Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar, and Pretty Deadly will debut against the Brawling Brutes.

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Live Coverage:

Roman Reigns confronts Columbia’s wrestling enthusiasts, only to be interrupted by the startling entrance of Kevin Owens. Closely following Owens is Sami Zayn, creating a heightened atmosphere in the ring.

Without missing a beat, Reigns informs Owens and Zayn that their appearance was expected, declaring his intention to “call them out” originally. He then demands their recognition as the “Head of the Table”, instructing them to relinquish their titles. Predictably, the duo denies his command, a response which Reigns seems to anticipate.

Shifting focus onto Zayn, Reigns recalls the rollercoaster ride of Zayn’s career, recounting his peaks and troughs. In a candid moment, Reigns admits that his singular remorse was related to Zayn. Countering, Zayn asserts that his only regret was not using a chair against Reigns sooner, followed by a confession of eagerly anticipating this face-to-face showdown.

Zayn goes on to tell Reigns that his aspirations to seize the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship will not materialize, for he is no match for either Zayn or Owens. Boldly, Zayn adds that Reigns is also a notch below The Usos.

As Reigns begins to respond to Zayn’s accusations, The Usos unexpectedly invade the scene, taking down Zayn and Owens. The dynamic duo, Jimmy and Jey, celebrate their successful ambush with a superkick onto Zayn over the announce desk and a subsequent high five.

However, an attempt by Jimmy to engage Reigns in the celebration goes sideways when Reigns snubs the extended hand. Reigns states firmly that he did not authorize their intervention. In an intriguing end to the confrontation, Reigns leaves the ring, giving Sikoa a solid shoulder check in the process.

The show continues with Reigns admonishing The Usos in the dressing room. He asserts his leadership, insisting he’s the playmaker in the arena. Regrettably, he spent an excessive amount of time without expressing his thoughts. He underscores his position at the pinnacle, being the decision maker. He subsequently instructs The Usos to vacate the premises. Both Jimmy and Jey exit the locker room, visibly upset.

Tag Team Match: Ridge Holland & Butch vs. Pretty Deadly
– Pretty Deadly hit the Spilt Milk for the win.

The broadcast transitions to the commentary booth where Michael Cole extends his respects to the late Superstar Billy Graham. This is followed by a moving tribute reel, showcasing various WWE legends expressing their admiration for Graham. At this juncture, we extend our heartfelt condolences to Billy Graham’s family and encourage our audience to pay their respects for a true luminary in this industry.

Upon return from the break, SmackDown returns with Asuka’s entrance, setting the stage for the impending match. Meanwhile, her adversary, Zelina Vega, shares her thoughts in a backstage interview. Reflecting on the massive support she received in Puerto Rico at Backlash, Vega asserts her readiness and determination to face any challenge, especially her impending clash with Asuka.

Singles Match: Asuka vs. Zelina Vega
– Asuka won with the Asuka lock.

Post-match, Asuka maintains a vice-like grip despite the ringing bell. It is Bianca Belair who intervenes, dashing out to ensure Asuka relinquishes the hold. As Belair confronts Asuka, Asuka retaliates by spewing mist. Though not directly aimed at Belair’s eyes, the mist is sufficient to evoke a palpable sense of intimidation.

Commercial break.

As SmackDown resumes, it marks the grand entrance of the Grayson Waller Effect. Following Waller’s official introduction, he expresses his pleasure at sharing The Grayson Waller Effect with the audience. His special guest, AJ Styles, joins him in the ring. Waller recalls their previous encounter in NXT, affirming Styles’ long-standing phenomenal performance. Waller then queries Styles about the significance of adding another world title to his collection.

Styles conveys his determination, noting his strenuous training since his medical clearance. He candidly expresses his desire for victory, comparing it to the necessity of breathing. He adds a comment about Seth Rollins being on a movie set, implying Rollins should also be training hard for their upcoming match.

Waller concludes the conversation with Styles by expressing his anticipation to announce Seth Rollins as the “new World Heavyweight Champion”. This prompts Styles to rise and confront Waller face-to-face, ending the Grayson Waller Effect on a tense note.

Behind the scenes, LWO members are deep in conversation. Wilde affirms their supremacy over The Usos, with Mysterio adding that The Usos will experience the consequences of meddling with the LWO tonight.

Finally, The Street Profits make their entrance, signaling the commencement of the following tag team match against LA Knight and Rick Boogs.

Tag Team Match: Street Profits vs. LA Knight and Rick Boogs
– Ford applied a ‘frog splash’ to win the match.

Following the ringing bell, Knight assists Boogs back onto his feet, showcasing an initial display of camaraderie. However, this solidarity abruptly dissolves as Knight delivers a shocking betrayal, striking Boogs with the BFT.

In a backstage segment, Cameron Grimes shares his thoughts during an interview. Expressing his elation at being a part of SmackDown, he reaffirms his ambition with his signature phrase, “To the Moon!”

Commercial break.

Resuming from the break, SmackDown features Karrion Kross and Scarlett in a backstage segment. Kross employs a symbolic gesture, stating that “justice is blind.” To illustrate his point, he flips a card revealing the name of AJ Styles.The suspense thickens as the show progresses.

Tag Team Match: Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn vs Valentina Feroz &Yulisa Leon
– After a combo, Gory Bomb/leg sweep, Alba and Isla emerged victorious.

In a crucial announcement from the commentary booth, Michael Cole reports that Liv Morgan has sustained an injury, leading to a forthcoming match on RAW in two weeks to decide the new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Backstage, Raquel Rodriguez expresses her admiration for Morgan’s resilience post-injury, upholding her champion spirit. However, the segment is interrupted by Damage CTRL, with Bayley blaming Rodriguez for Dakota Kai’s injury. Bayley then challenges Rodriguez and a yet-to-be-decided partner to face her and Iyo Sky.

The United States Champion, Austin Theory, then steps out, ready to address the audience as the show continues.

Commercial break.

Resuming live with Theory in the ring, he voices his disappointment at the lack of respect received during his SmackDown debut. He recounts the unfair treatment from two former world champions and insists on his capability to defeat Rollins and become World Heavyweight Champion. Moreover, he notes the strange fixation Lashley seems to have with him and expresses his perplexity at Sheamus. Interestingly, he draws a comparison between himself and Sheamus, both having defeated John Cena, albeit at different points in time. Upon hearing this, Sheamus hastily enters the ring, delivers a Brogue kick to Theory, and exits presumably to resume his drink.

In a backstage meet-up, Paul Heyman reassures The Usos of Reigns’ forgiveness. Reacting enthusiastically to the news, Jimmy Uso inquires about Reigns’ presence during their upcoming match. Heyman replies that the busy Reigns trusts The Usos to handle the LWO on their own. This exchange leaves Jey Uso visibly displeased as he exits the scene, followed closely by Jimmy.

To set the stage for the main event, Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar of the LWO make their grand entrance to the ring.

Commercial Break.

Tag Team Match: LWO vs The Usos
– After receiving assistance from Zayn and Owens, Santos Escobar delivered a Splash and won the match.

The camera then shows Roman Reigns backstage, unhappy with The Usos’ defeat. Solo Sikoa threatens to go to the ring to resolve the situation, but Reigns intervenes. SmackDown goes off the air shortly after.

End of show!

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