WWE NXT (01/31/2023) – Ranked!

This Tuesday night, USA Network will broadcast another episode of WWE NXT directly from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida.

Check out the topics highlighted by WWE for tonight’s show below:

  • To define the last participants in the 4-Way Match for the NXT Tag Team Titles on Vengeance Day, we will have Edris Enofe and Malik Blade vs. ChaseU vs. The Dyad!
  • The Creed Brothers will finally have their fight and seek revenge against Indus Sher and his new ally, Jinder Mahal!
  • Cora Jade now seeks to make Lyra Valkyria’s life hell and the two will collide today!

See all this and much more, today, starting at 8 pm, in the real-time coverage of Wrestling Mania.

Live Coverage:

We are live. Vic Joseph and Booker T greet the crowd at home as Diamond Mine makes his way to the ring. Going Sher follows.

Tag Team Match: Creed Brothers (Brutus & Julius Creed) (w/ Ivy Nile) vs. Indus Sher (Sanga & Veer) (w/ Jinder Mahal)
– After Julius accidentally hit Nile, Sanga and Veer won with a “Chokeslam”.

We go backstage and see Axiom watching A-Kid’s matches from his time in NXT. Tyler Bate walks in and says he’s always been a fan of his, then asks what happened to him. He tells Axiom that it reminds him of A-Kid. Axiom says he gets a lot out of it, then challenges him to friendly competition. Damon Kemp walks in and says European wrestling is overrated. Axiom says if he sees A-Kid he will pass the message on.

Back in the ring, Zoey Stark comes down, followed by Indi Hartwell.

Singles Match: Indi Hartwell vs. Zoey Stark
– Stark won with a “Belly-to-Back GTS”.

After the match, Stark attacks Hartwell, but Sol Ruca runs to the ring to make a save.

Back from the break, we go to a video of Apollo Crews in Charlotte, North Carolina. He says he went there before Vengeance Day to get a feel for the city’s energy, then says he’s ready for a Two Out Of Three Falls Match against Carmelo Hayes. He says he’s better than Melo and tells Williams that if he wants to get involved, he’ll take him down.

Back in the ring, Wes Lee goes down.

Lee says Vengeance Day is four days away, and his biggest challenge still awaits him in Dijak. He says he’s going to win just like when he faced Tony D’Angelo and Carmelo Hayes.

Dijak tells him to take things in because these will be his last days as North American Champion. Dijak says he had every chance to hand him the title, but now he has to face the biggest, baddest man in NXT as he wrests the title from him.

Lee tells Dijak that this is exactly what he will have to do. He says he has overcome all the obstacles and tribulations put in front of him, and the fan support has shown he can reach levels he never imagined. He says that Dijak is not just fighting him, but all the fans.

Von Wagner’s music hits and he appears next to Mr. Stone. Stone says he thought he misheard Dijak when he said he was the biggest and baddest. He asks if he forgot about Wagner before Wagner tells Dijak to take off his sunglasses. Lee interrupts the two men and says he sees an injustice that needs to be righted. He suggests that if Wagner beat Dijak tonight, he would be seen as a contender for the belt.

Dijak and Wagner then get into a fight before Wagner throws Dijak out.

Singles Match: Dijak vs. Von Wagner (w/ Mr. Stone)
– Dijak won with a “Feast Your Eyes”.

Backstage, Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. D’Angelo tells Stacks to forget about Dijak and asks if he took care of “those two things”. Stacks says yes, and the two leave.

We head backstage to McKenzie Mitchell, who is about to review footage of the attack on Nikkita Lyons in the parking lot last week, and who was standing nearby. She points to Valentina Feroz walking away, then sees Alexis Lete, Ariana Grace and Dani Palmer enter the arena. It points to an unidentified woman leaving in a white car and shows Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice leaving the scene. She points out Tiffany Stratton going through her purse on top of a car, then questions whether she could have used something there to attack her. She then points out Zoey Stark walking away from the scene, then points out Tatum Paxley and Lash Legend walking in the background. As Indi Hartwell and Lyra Valkyria run to check on Lyons, Mitchell watches Wendy Choo watching from a car. She says no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

Back from the break, let’s go to a video showing the events leading up to the Steel Cage Match this Saturday between Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller.

Back in the ring. Tyler Bate heads to the ring, followed by Axiom.

Singles Match: Axiom vs. Tyler Beats
– Bate won with a “Tyler Driver 97”.

After the match, the two men shake hands before Damon Kemp appears out of nowhere and attacks them from behind. He chokeslams Axiom and then retreats.

We move on to a video of Isla Dawn casting a spell. The camera pans and we see that she is teaching Alba Fyre. The pair complete the ritual and Dawn says “the initiation has begun”.

Vic Joseph welcomes Roxanne Perez and Toxic Attraction via satellite and asks Perez what it was like getting into the women’s Royal Rumble. Perez says she was impressive, then expresses her gratitude for the moment. Jacy Jayne stops her and says it was pathetic and she didn’t win the match. She says that it will all be over for “Little Miss Perfect” very soon and she has no chance of beating them. Gigi Dolin says Roxanne is good but doesn’t stand a chance when one is up against the two most evil women. Perez tries to speak, but Jayne cuts her off and tells her that she peaked at 21. Dolin says she messed with Toxic Attraction and it will be two against one on Vengeance Day. Perez angrily leaves due to the duo’s attitude. Joseph asks Dolin and Jayne who the new NXT Women’s Champion will be, and Dolin says both will be. She says that day has been a long time coming, then goes on to say that the course of the women’s division will change when she (before correcting herself to say they) becomes the starter.

Out of nowhere, Perez runs in and attacks the two women, destroying the set in the process.

Back from the break, Stevie Turner heads to the ring while Dani Palmer waits there.

Back from the break, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are alongside McKenzie Mitchell. Williams is shaking and Mitchell says he looks scared. Williams says he’s cold, then questions if he should go to Vengeance Day. Melo tells him that he obviously should, then addresses Apollo Crews and says that until he can win the Two Out Of Three Falls Match, he will never be the best.

Singles Match: Dani Palmer vs. Stevie Turner
– Turner won with an “Uranage”.

We go backstage with Kiana James telling “Zack” that she loves him. Fallon Henley questions who she was talking to and says she knew it would hurt Brooks Jensen. The two begin to argue before Kayden Carter and Katana Chance enter, questioning the parentage between the two. Henley and James ignore this and say that they will become the new Tag Team Champions at Vengeance Day. Chance and Carter leave, and Henley tells James that while they need to stay focused, their conversation isn’t over.

Back in the ring, Charlie Dempsey heads to the ring, followed by Drew Gulak and Hank Walker.

Singles Match: Charlie Dempsey vs. Drew Gulak (w/ Hank Walker)
– Gulak won with a “Roll-up”.

Wagner to show who he is inside so he can help Wagner help himself.

Back in the ring, Schism goes down, followed by Chase U and Edris Enofé and Malik Blade.

3-Way Tag Team Qualifying Match: Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) (w/ Thea Hail) vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs. The Dyad (Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler) (w/ Schism)
– After Thea prevented a distraction from Ava Raine, Chase and Hudson won with a “Fratliner” on Reid.

After the match, Gallus and Pretty Deadly appear to Chase U. New Day then appears on the titantron, and Kingston congratulates Chase U. Woods says he’ll see them, Pretty Deadly, and Gallus on Saturday.

End of show!

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