WWE NXT (05/09/2023) – Full Coverage and Result!

The USA Network will broadcast another live episode of WWE NXT Wrestling tonight, directly from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida.

The big highlight of the night goes to the beginning of the tournament that will crown the new NXT Women’s Champion. Additionally, Gallus will put the NXT Tag Team Championship on the line against The Dyad.

See all of this and more today starting at 8 pm on Wrestling Mania’s live coverage.

Live coverage:

This week’s show kicks off with a video recapping Indi Hartwell’s farewell, last week, leaving the NXT Women’s Championshipship vacant.

The eight competitors of the tournament that will determine the new champion are presented. Tiffany Stratton and Gigi Dolin walk down the ramp to have their first match of the night.

NXT Women’s Championship Tournament – First Round Match: Gigi Dolin vs. Tiffany Stratton
– Stratton performs a “Moonsault” on Dolin, followed by a pinfall.

Backstage, Joe Gacy reminds The Dyad that he sacrificed for them last week. Tonight, they must seize the opportunity he has given them to defeat Gallus and win the NXT Tag Team Championship. Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler repeat the Schism mantra (“4 roots. One tree”) before donning their masks and marching towards the ring.

Gacy tells Ava that he will take her advice from the previous weeks. The young woman smiles satisfied. Joe informs him that he will not be present at the ring, as he has more important matters to attend to. “Lead them as I would,” he states before they both go their separate ways.

We see Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes at the barber shop. The champion points out that he is better, although he is still not 100%. Melo thanks Trick for what he did last week and what he will do tonight against Bron Breakker.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfang) (c) vs. The Dyad (Jagger Reid and Ripp Fowler)
– Coffey and Wolfang land a combined blow on Fowler, followed by a pinfall.

In a pre-recorded backstage video, Javier Bernal doubts that Duke Hudson is actually running Chase University in Andre Chase’s absence, adding that it’s just a ploy to knock him out of the pack. An energetic Hudson challenges him to a match to a standing ovation from Thea Hail and the rest of his teammates.

A hooded person watches a screen showing recent attacks on various female talents, such as Nikkita Lyons.

Singles Match: Duke Hudson vs. Javier Bernal
– Hudson lands a “Crucifixe Bomb” on Bernal, followed by a pinfall.

Backstage, Von Wagner and Mr. Stone appear to be making further progress in their goal of extracting information from him. However, Stone insists on knowing who the child in the photograph is which Wagner does not wish to discuss. Luca Crucifino enters the scene, making a comment that annoys Von. This one locks him into submission. Lucas apologizes. Already calm, Wagner finally releases him.

Gallus celebrates backstage. It doesn’t take long for them to find the Creed Brothers. The Scots appreciate the earlier help. Julius and Brutus don’t want thanks, they want a shot at the title.

Singles Match: Eddy Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp
– Thorpe wins after getting the count of three.

In an interview backstage, Kiana James recognizes that tonight she will face one of the favorites to win the women’s tournament. However, she ensures that everything she’s achieved in recent months has prepared her for this: winning the tournament and being crowned the new NXT Women’s Champion.

Singles Match: Ilja Dragunov vs. dijak
– Dijak hits Dragunov with a chair and is disqualified.

Dijak continues to attack Ilja in the ring. After performing a “Chokeslam” on the apron, the Croatian dismantles the metal stairs and traps the Russian between them. Dijak sits on them and smiles. Several officers come to help Ilja. Dijak leaves smiling while Dragunov himself takes care of freeing himself from the stairs throwing them to the side.

Wes Lee finds Tyler Bate in the locker room. He is meditating. Lee thanks her for her help last week, noting that tonight it’s her turn to watch her back. Wes realizes that the Brit didn’t hear him. He opens his eyes and welcomes his friend. Tyler points out that he was on a higher plane. Lee reminds him that their fight is next and the two head to the ring.

In a video posted to Twitter, Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, Tank Ledger and Hank Walker congratulate Dani Palmer on his debut last week before scheduling a fight tonight.

Singles Match: Tyler Bate w/ NXT North American Champion Wes Lee vs. Charlie Dempsey w/ Drew Gulak
– After interference from Joe Gacy, Dempsey does the “Roll-Up” on Bate, winning the match.

Anonymous shows us a new video where we see Carmelo Hayes receiving Bron Breakker’s message from the barbershop.

Noam Dar interrupts an interview with Dragon Lee to invite him to the first edition of “Supernova Sessions” on NXT. The mexican accept.

Tag Team Match: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. Tank Ledger and Hank Walker
– Briggs and Jensen submit Ledger, winning the match.

We watched a video of Lyra Valkyria. The Irishwoman points out that she is not the same one who arrived in North America last year. She’s adapted, but she’s still a Valkyrie. The Irish ensures that she has a goal, but for that she must defeat all her opponents in the tournament. “Kiana, you’re the first,” Lyra points out.

Nathan Frazer presents a new edition of his newspaper. The British recalls that 17 NXT talents were promoted during the Draft. However, the brand still has many talents from different nationalities. Frazer focuses on Noam Dar, remembering that he was his rival in their first NXT UK match. Nathan makes fun of the Scotsman and how he treats his Heritage Cup like a child. However, it won’t be for much longer, Frazer says before wrapping up the news.

NXT Women’s Championship Tournament – First Round Match: Kiana James vs. Lyra Valkyria
– Valkyrie lands a “Spinning Superkick” on James, followed by a pinfall.

The Family interrupts Gallus’ celebration at the bar. D’Angelo and “Stacks” want to talk business. Tony assures them they will get what they want: an NXT Tag Team Championship match. Joe Coffey orders them to leave. D’Angelo and “Stacks” don’t seem willing to leave without what they came for. At that moment, Joe, Mark and Wolfgang stand up, along with everyone else at the bar. Tony and “Stacks” realize this and decide to leave, for the time being.

Singles Match: Trick Williams vs. Bron Breakker
– Breakker applies a “Steiner Recliner” on Williams, causing him to tap out.

Bron approaches Williams and reapplies the Steiner Recliner. Carmelo Hayes steps in to save his friend! Hayes performs a “Springboard Clothesline”, which is interrupted by a strong “Spear” from Breakker.

Breakker takes the NXT title and alongside Hayes, says he will be his again, ending tonight’s show.

End of show.

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