WWE’s Brock Lesnar’s Quick Victory Over Kofi Kingston Was Immediately Planned

Former WWE writer Dave Schilling recently disclosed that Kofi Kingston’s loss to Brock Lesnar was pre-planned by WWE. Kingston’s win at WrestleMania 35 in 2019 was considered one of the most celebrated wrestling moments of the past five years.

However, Kingston lost the WWE Championship to Lesnar in a 7-second match on “WWE SmackDown” later that year. According to Schilling, the plan for Kingston’s loss to Lesnar was put in motion the same month he won the title.

“We can debate how it turned out in the end, when he lost to Brock Lesnar, which I found out about in April. [Writers] were talking about, ‘the plan is first ‘SmackDown’ on Fox, Brock is going to come in and win the title and it’s going to be a quick match,” Schilling told on Fightful’s “In The Weeds. “That’s exactly what happened after I left.”

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